Nipple Cover Info

What color should I get?

What sizes do you have?

How long do the nipple covers last?

How do you clean the nipple covers?

What are your nipple covers made from?

Can I wear nipple covers while swimming or working out?

Are your nipple covers safe for sensitive skin?

Can I use your nipple covers if I have sensitive nipples?

Are your nipple covers seamless? Can I wear them under tight tops?

Do your nipple covers have full coverage? Can I wear them under loose tops?

Which nipple pasty is right for me?

Boob Tape Info

How does boob tape work?

How is our Boob Tape different from other breast lift tapes?

Can you use the tape on it's own?

How long does a roll last?

How do I apply the boob tape?

Is the boob tape hypoallergenic or safe for sensitive skin?

How do I remove the tape?

Shipping & Returns

Where do you ship to and how long does it take?

Where do your products ship from?

Do you accept returns?

Do you ship worldwide?

Can I track my package?